Answersheet for
CSIR NET June 2017

How to Crack CSIR NET Exam ?

May 24, 2017

Mc2 Academy tells you how to prepare CSIR NET in an accurate and organized way.

  1. Strength in fundamentals is highly required. 10th and 12th standards should be good. The student must be very good at fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and Biology. It is not only because CSIR is for your entire life, since after erasing the exams you are going to go to research and if you lack fundamental knowledge it is no good at all. The fundamental understanding so clear and adequate with a hunger for more knowledge should be the main driving force for the candidate.
  2. Time factor: It depends on student to student and also on their level of prior knowledge. But on average, 6 months of hard work is needed at least. During the preparation of the proportion of subjects on the basis of the students' own strength should be careful outside.
  3. One can not be a teacher in all subjects, so it is best to focus on the strength of the student. If someone is good at topic A, he / she should put more emphasis on that. Surely the other portions can not be overlooked, but he / she should not miss even a single question in your area. The competition is too hard, so losing a single question in your own area can leave you far behind.
  4. Will you have doubts as to where to start and finish preparing for different topics? There are no such specifications, but one should be very strong in the basics up to the 12th standard. If they feel that there are loop holes in their basics then they should be careful of that first. Once you are comfortable with the basics, then you can slowly consolidate your degree subjects. Of every three, a good hold on any 2 of this is enough to break the exam.
  5. Comes to the standard and nature of the questions in this review, it focuses mainly on the basic understanding. There are sections where advanced topics are covered, but respond to those who require adequate understanding and little research experiences help in those sections. For a student who has just passed his masters degree it is a little difficult to handle this section as it changes with the advent of technologies and time. So it is better to concentrate on the basic level more.
  6. What type of practice is required before appearing for the exam ?: There is no specific method, but practice with adequate time like other proficiency exams will help aspirants to manage the times during the exam. Clear vision, control over the issue, time management are the key factors.