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5 Easy Tips to Crack UGC NET Exam 2017 - MC2

University Grants Commission of India (UGC India) at the national level open entrance exam called the National Eligibility Test (NET) for recruitment into the role of lecturers, associates, fellow teachers and professors of research at Indian universities and academic institutes or colleges. Since 2009, qualification NET is a must in the resumption of teaching professionals in postgraduate or another at the graduate level.

The NET exam qualifies an individual candidate for the following:

  • Eligibility for Assistant Professor in Indian colleges and academic institutes
  • Junior Research Fellowship (JRF)

NET exam level is rigid and difficult, considering the mass of applications registered for the exam every year. In 2015, it recorded a total of 7, 65,031 candidates for the NET exam, conducted in 88 cities across the country.

If that leaves hints at how competitive conducted UGC NET exam is, then here is some smart tips that you can refer to it as a student NET exam. This is a good score and as a result of health:

1.Learn the OMR sheet format

One exception NET exam is the response that should be done on paper (RO) optical sections recognition. Each number is printed on the question OMR sheet with the corresponding options. And one has to fill in the circle next to the correct answer. Note Only black pens can be used on paper RO will be provided to you during NET exam. Strictly prohibited pencils in the NET exam. Blue pens can be used only on the top sheet to fill your basic details.

2.Note the basics

Its very important to make mention of the following on the top sheet of your NET exam answer script.

Applicant name

Applicant’s father’s name

Roll/registration number

Exam center number/code

Physical disability status (only for PwD students)

Date of exam

A miss in the above points can disqualify you from the UGC NET exam process. Also, on special instruction from invigilators, you may have to add extra points/facts.

3.Practice model papers, mock tests, and previous year question papers

Ideally, the fundamental way to practice for the exam is to solve CSIR NET previous year question papers Pune, model papers, and mock tests. The offer is available on the web sites of different educational or by NET experts and practitioners. The collection of these materials study and do practice the day before the NET exam.

4.Emphasize on general knowledge

While you will cover the syllabus prescribed for the CSIR NET online exam in Pune, make sure you're still up to date on the general knowledge and trending news. For this, there is no specific reference to the book, but an eye on the Radio and Television News help. Reading the newspaper must exercise to eliminate the NET exam. At present, students also rely on the internet to clean up their GK

5.Pick the right subject

There are about 80 topics that you can choose from to eliminate the UGC NET exam committee. It is important to choose the right topic to a good score in the University Grants Commission exam. Try to choose the topics that you have during the specialization during graduation and masters.

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