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Top 7 helpful tips for NEET Exam preparation

In the current education system, it is difficult to get accepted by any good medical college or university. Admission to most of the colleges, especially government ones, is very competitive and challenging. NEET (National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test) is being used as an eligibility test for admission into Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Student need to practice a lot to ace this examination. As every exam has its own set of challenges, student must be well-prepared of their NEET exam. They need to work hard in order to score well in the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET). Every year about 12 lacs candidates appear for the NEET and around 60K to 70K candidates get selected for the counselling round, and from these only 30,000 candidates get admitted to government colleges. You have to work to get into the first 3-5% shortlisted candidates, after that chance of getting a seat in government colleges increases > 50%. Always think positively and don’t be afraid of the competition.

To help you prepare well in a defined and structured manner, we have come up with some very efficient tips for how to prepare for the NEETand secure a seat in government medical colleges of your choice.

  • Get familiar with the syllabus: NEET has vast syllabus, it is better to get known to it and bring the best output from it. Make sure to sort out the extra information and focus on the important points.
  • Get the Right Study Material: Selecting the right study material is very important in the process of preparation of NEET. It can be confusing sometime because there are many materials available in the market.But, with the help of teachers and the student who appeared for the exam before you can choose the right one. Also, go through the interviews of various candidates who appeared in the NEET Exam and try to get an idea about their preparation style.
  • Always make notes of your own: Once you get the knowledge of syllabus and ready with study material, make the notes of the important topics.This is one of the best ways to improvise your memory skills.Whatever notes it may be, always try to write them clearly. It will also help during your revision period. You can revise things very easily.
  • Plan Your Timetable: Following a fixed timetable helps you to stay focused on your goal during your preparation for NEET.It’s good to have a study plan for your preparation but it should be flexible also. As per the toppers NEET preparation plan recommended time is 8-11 hours a day. You can schedule your timetable the way you like it but it is very important to stick to it. Keep your NEET preparation study plan short and simple. Know your limits and stretch accordingly.
  • Revise: It is important to revise every topic even if you have mastered the chapter. IT is very crucial for preparation. You can take the help of NEET Classes in Pune to help in your medical entrance preparation and manage study material and notes.
  • Get Healthy Diet and Regular Interval while Studying: Maintaining healthy diet during preparation of NEET is very crucial factor. It helps candidates focus on their goal and maintain their physical as well as mental fitness. Maintain your diet vitamin and nutrient rich. Also take regular intervals while studying it helps in maintain concentration. Focus your thoughts on your studies, as wasteful thoughts take away your energy as well as time.
  • Mock Test: Candidates appearing for the NEET need to finish 180 questions in about 180 minutes. This means that they can give a maximum of 1 minute per question. So keep it in your mind as a time limit and practice test papers regularly to maintain time management. Try to solve as possible as online mock test provided by NEET Coaching Classes.
  • Always have Positive Mindset: Having a positive mindset will always help you not only in your NEET exam but also in your future life. It is your mindset that decides the effectiveness of your learning process. Having a negative thought in mind will always create difficulty. So, it is important to have a positive approach.

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