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7 Ways To Deal With Exam Stress

Exams are guiding tool what the child learns, observes, understands and executes. Remember learning concepts, theories, and other subjects, the process involves a series of steps in which the child puts himself under a certain tedious structure. The free-floating anxiety that precedes the exam is unacceptable, while the time that is being done, is not necessary.

Most times it is fear of failure or default in the performance that pushes the tension before the exam. But children cannot be fully responsible for their reluctance to face the exams. There are many factors that are forcing them to form concepts and prior concerns. Expectations from parents and peers and the community play a key role in the immediate atmosphere around the child.

Here are a few ways to help a child deal with exam related stress:

• Assist a child to plan and execute his/her preparation schedule, ensuring effective preparedness.
• Help them realize their strengths and weaknesses. Work with them and figure out a way to maximise their productivity.
• Make a child experience an exam as a challenge, a source of motivation and energy to do and get better.
• Ensure they take breaks, eat, sleep well. Promote a positive and constructive atmosphere and attitude.
• Make a child view a test as a comparative tool; this will provide a sense of expertise and personal contentment.
• Reward them for achieving personal targets whilst being fully aware of the actual, required level of input and hard work.
• Positive criticism can be used as a constructive tool to ensure growth.

It should not be treated as the end of the exam at the end of the learning process. Should ideally exams revelation whether students are actively involved, absorbing, understanding and enjoying everything that is being taught. If not, should the people involved in the process of trying to re-work approach and methodology rather than questioning or blaming entirely possible the child's talent. The goal must be a re-think, re-work and re-teach until they have mastered the subject in question.

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