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AIPMT Physics Preparation tips

CBSE exam is the most important medical entrance in India - AIPMT. This exam consists of three sections - physics, chemistry, and biology. The difficulty level of all three subjects is high, but students mainly facing pressure in physics. This topic includes a variety of theories and mathematical issues. The correct application of the formulas and derivatives is what makes disturbing physics. Department of Physics in the AIPMT Exam consists of the following sections:


    Laws of Motion

    Physical World and Measurement

    Work, Energy, and Power



    Current Electricity

    Oscillations & Waves

    Electromagnetic Waves

    Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

The most important areas of focus in physics are suggestions laws, kinematics, and magnetic effects of the current, modern physics and static electricity. There is clarity of all it is extremely important concepts of just learning threads is not enough. The implementation of these concepts in the solution choice questions is what is expected of aspiring AIPMT.

One must have a solid strategy to be able to solve the physics department at the appropriate amount of time without getting upset. Make sure that the important derivations and formulas at your fingertips.

Here are some preparation tips for Physics which will help you ace the subject in AIPMT Exam Preparation.

    –       Theoretical questions that are related to modern physics is simple and involves less expense. Hence, students must focus on this. These questions are scoring and can boost your score.

    –       Most of the questions in the heat and thermodynamics are of P-I-E graph or the principles of thermal dynamics and easy to resolve thus.

    –       Solve direct formula based questions of any topic.

    –       Try attempting the lengthy questions through approximation or as per options.

    –       NCERT books for both XI & XII must be at your fingertips

    –       It is a must for aspirants to solve at least one mock test paper every day to test their preparation.

    –       Exchange last year to resolve the issue is very useful as you can get an understanding of the type and level of difficulty of the questions that will be faced in exams.

    –       You get familiar with the exam pattern and it improves your speed & accuracy.

    –       In most of the questions, more than one concept involved. Solving practice papers and mock test you get ready to ask questions of this level.

We hope that these tips will help you improve your preparation for the Department of Physics and paper AIPMT Exam Preparation.

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