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Benefits of Group Study

Congratulations to all of you student who scores well in NEET UG exam. Self-study is definitely good but it is time-consuming. So students always do group study because there are some topics which are too difficult to be understood by an individual alone. So group study helps to explain all concepts to each other. Group study depend on member and atmosphere, either help to student grow or can pull down.

There are some good advantages of group study only when your study group is good:

Learn faster:

If you are doing a study in the group then you can learn faster rather than doing in alone. Their some part of textbook looking completely confusing to you but it is quite clear to other students.  You can help fellow students when they have some difficulties to understanding something that you do understand.

Learn new study skills:

You can also find new techniques to study. Each student develops his own particular study methods & may work excellently, you probably can also find new ways to improve your learning ability and sharpen your mind. In a group study, you have the opportunity to observe a variety of study methods. You can help your other study members by sharing your tricks also.

Breaks the monotony:

Studying by yourself especially when you are doing study from the long period can become monotonous activity. If you join the group then you can do fast study & learn faster. While doing a study in the group you continuously discuss the specific topic then you know all the things regarding that topic. If you have found any hard topic then join the group study means you can easily get the topic & parallel you can enjoy the same time.

Gaps in learning:

Group study helps to fill the gap in your notes. You can compare your notes with your friends and make some changes & also improve your notes.


Practice makes man perfect. If you get any difficult situation in your study group then you can solve it by your skills, knowledge. Through study group, you can coordinate this friend & this is a very important skill.

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