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Common Mistakes Avoid During IIT JEE Exam Preparation

          IIT-JEE stands for Indian Institute of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination. It is an annual engineering college entrance examination in India. IIT-JEE exam is not so easy that’s why there is need of Preparation for the examination. one can’t not rank in IIT-JEE without preparation.

Here are some common mistakes students do during preparation:

Using too many reference Books:  

To crack IIT-JEE exam students are going through so many referral books, by referring too many books students confused about the topics. They can’t study the important topics.

Getting frustrated over the Dull Routine: 

Route to IIT JEE Preparation is not so easy. One has to face the ups and downs during these 2 years. After looking the competition around us students not only demoralized But also frustrated with daily routine and studies.

Focusing exclusively on Limited Topics from the beginning of preparation:

It is understood that every students focusing on limited topics even though there is no specific weightage allocated to topics. Paper setters are trying to set up questionaries’ so as to student must learn the topics only by understanding it. It is advisable to students that they should not omit any topic or any part of subject.

Leaving questions on the calculation stage:

Many students think that the calculation part can be study at the time of practising because they think the calculation part is easy and if they study calculation part at the time of study it will take time to complete the topic. If they put calculation part at the time of practising then they can study more topics.

Giving Less Attention to NCERT Book: 

NCERT Books are very important books for your IIT JEE Exam Preparation. You can get lot of question in IIT JEE exam same as in NCERT book questions. So Learn NCERT book carefully to understand the entire concept well. It will help you to avoid big loss in marks.

Ignore Topics that find difficult and Spending more time on Easy Topics: 

At the time of revision, students start revision from the topic they are comfortable with. They made mistake by solving the question that goes easy to them. They spend time on the topic they are fully prepared for. They are afraid to learn and understand that topic that goes difficult to them.

Don’t ignore those topics. Study those topics with full concentration and understand the entire concept clearly. Take the helps of online videos, friends, Teachers to study those topics perfectly.

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