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Exam Failure? How to deal with Situation?

Family, a strongest word, a strongest feeling, a strongest support and a strongest relation. The greatest happiness is my family happiness. Being a family means you are the part on something very wonderful. It means you will be loved and be loved for the rest of life. Parents need to do much more to protect children, help them to develop resilience and support them when they find life to cope with.

Exams are most important factor in student life. To pass and rank well in exam is their challenge. But what happen when they fail in their challenge? What are the reasons behind exam failure? How to deal with children in such situation?  There are many research going on to find out answers of above questions.
Most often exam failure can be traced back to three primary sources: Unsatisfied Exam Preparation, Wrong Study Habits, Too Much Exam Anxiety.

1. Unsatisfied Exam Preparation
Study is not just reading, it is reading for learning. Many times children fail in planning and time management task. For instance you are a student of semester system, you have six months of preparation then make a plan, how to complete the entire course in available time, divide the total time of each subject. Try to make a time table having time for each subject on daily basis.
Many times children gives some stupid excuses related to exam failure. They said, “My roommate did set the alarm clock and I was not get enough time for revision ”, “I did not know what chapters to read for Exam”, “My school bag got stolen several days ago and I lost all my Notes” or something like ”I was hoping that our teacher would not ask a question from last two chapters ”.
Always avoid selective study. Remember, exam is given in entire course not in selected areas of your course.

2. Wrong Study habits:
Many times children play a music or turn on TV at the time of study. It distract you from focusing on the material in hand. Many children like group study but make sure not to convert it into gossip corner and fighting platform. Bad environment means if you are uncomfortable at a chair, desk, room the temperature is too cold or too hot, then you will be unsuccessful in study.

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