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How to Attempt IIT JEE 2021 Exam Question Paper

Cracking IIT JEE Exam in First Attempt with high score is a dream of every Engineering Aspirant. For scoring good marks in JEE Exam requires lot of hard work and practice. It’s very important to know the perfect strategy to solve the question paper smartly with well exam preparation. Just completing the entire syllabus and having good problem solving ability it’s not enough, you need have the best practice and strategy of solving IIT JEE papers.

Read the following tips carefully to get the best strategy and ideas to solve IIT JEE Question Papers neatly to score well in Exams.

Read and Analyze the Question Paper Carefully: 

The first thing while attempting the IIT JEE 2021 exam question paper is to go through the entire paper quickly to understand overall asked questions difficulty level.  Through this glancing mark the easy and average questions and try to solve those questions firstly. Its helps you to reduce the chance of putting easy questions unsolved.

Try to Questions in Cycle:

IIT JEE exam is a moderate-level examination. There are many easy questions also asked in this paper. In this way you can divide this paper in three cycles. In first cycle attempt easy questions, in second solve average range questions and in last cycle go for tough questions.

In this period also, keep a close attention on exam timing. Give very less time to attempt easy questions and for average questions do not give more than 4 to 5 minutes time. It helps you to give more time for solving tough questions.

Focus on Subject Order:

 After solving easy and average questions, must decide an order to solve remaining questions.  While solving remaining questions firstly attempt your favorite subject question first and then go for weakest subject. In this way a large number of questions get covered in short times span to score lot of marks. It’s also helps you for increasing your confidence during exam.

Make Subject Wise Strategy for Solving Questions: 

While Attempting IIT Exam make the subject wise strategy to cover paper in less time span. Every student has his own favorite topics in each subject. So try to attempt those topics first. It helps you to cover more number of attempts quickly and feel confidant.

For Example in chemistry, some students good in organic chemistry so attempt those questions first. Apply the favorite topics strategy in other subject’s mathematics and physics.

Time Management:  

Time management is very important in IIT JEE 2021 Examination. It’s very necessary to check time in between paper. After completing each cycle check the spent time and match it with allotted time. In IIT JEE exam your question solving speed and accuracy is very matter to cover high score.

For improving your speed and accuracy and improve time management skill solve possible numbers of previous years question papers. Also solve the Online Mock test series given by coaching Institute.  IIT JEE Coaching Classes in Pune also provides the mock test series and conduct classes to helps students for preparing IIT JEE Exam.

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