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How to Attempt NEET Question Paper

Your main mission is the way to solve NEET UG online exam on the final exam day. At that time you need to be clear how you are going to attempt the paper in order to finish it on time, and also avoid the negative marking & increase your score.

Some tips to solve the NEET Exam paper:

Time Management:

In the NEET Exam, you have 180 questions & you have to solve it in 180 minutes. You get 1 minute to solve each question. If you spend more time to solve the questions then you can’t complete whole your paper. Out of 180 question at least 14 questions based on theory or simple numerical that won’t take more than half minute for each question. Remaining 40 questions are very tough and challenging & at that time you spend close to 3 minutes

So, 3 minutes for challenging problems, 2 minutes for normal tough problems, 1 minute for the theory based question. In this way, you have to distribute your time according to paper.  If you follow these things then you can achieve good marks in the NEET Exam. 

Subject wise time management:

Your most scoring subjects are going to be chemistry and biology. Biology paper is completely based on theory. Physics requires more practice on the rough book. So, you have to do proper time management according to a subject. You have to solve complete chemistry paper within 50 minutes. Remaining 130 minutes you should able to solve physics in 90 minutes & biology within 40 minutes each. You might look difficult, but you have to accept all the challenges and start to working on it. If you have to any doubt while you are studying then solve the more NEET UG Sample paper and also NEET UG previous year question papers Pune.

Order to attempt: Biology, Physics, and Chemistry

Follow the order is not really important and there is no single best order to attempt the paper. You follow that order in which you are comfortable. Firstly pick up the question paper & try to solve with different order means in which subject you are the best to start from that subjects.

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