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How to Complete NEET Exam Syllabus in Time?

Per year many students give NEET exam. From those lot of students are there who are not unable to complete exam syllabus because of some reasons. They always worried about syllabus completion before exam. NEET syllabus includes three subject’s physics, chemistry and biology. Mostly, Students make a plan to start the NEET exam preparation from class 11, but despite that, the students are not able to complete the syllabus.

Check out following points to get an idea about how to cover NEET Syllabus on time. It’s doesn't matter how many days you are preparing for exam. your planning plays important role in covering syllabus.

- The first thing you do before starting the exam preparation make the proper study schedule.  If you want to cover your syllabus within the given time frame, then it’s very important. The scheduled timetable helps you to organize your studies in a proper way. Only make timetable if you are ready to follow it strictly. Otherwise, there is no use of prepared timetable. While preparing the timetable consider your schools, NEET Coaching classes timing. Also focus on revision and practice session at the time of study schedule making.

Focus on practicing still you are not getting good confident about your preparation. Solve possible numbers of previous year question papers. Make a habit to solve more and more questions on every chapters in the syllabus. Practicing more and more increase your confidence and you feel more relaxed and determinant for your final exam. During practicing you get an idea about your weak points. So try to practice those points so that it becomes little bit good. 


Solve maximum numbers of Online Mock test. Its helps you improve your speed and accuracy. Try to solve those test by setting timing of final exam. Its helps you to improve your time management skill. In this way you can get the experience of exam day. If possible, join one of the NEET Exam Online Practice Mock Test Series.

 Try to Revise chapter wise. When you complete After completing study give some time for revising previously studied chapter. Revising in proper manner helps you to cover syllabus in faster and memorized way.

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