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How to Handle Stress During IIT JEE Exam Preparation?

In this competitive exam world, every student participates in race and trying their best to win the race. JEE aspirants need to simultaneously balance their board exam study and IIT JEE Exam Preparation. Sometimes because of vast syllabus and competition level you fall in stress condition. Even after completing whole syllabus multiples times some students feeling less confidences and anxious is a common problem.

But try to avoiding stress effects on JEE exam preparation. In another way use this exam stress as s driving force to crack by maintaining your body and mind health.

Here are some helpful tips to handle stress during IIT JEE Exam preparation:

Positive Thinking: During the JEE preparation always keep yourself with positive thoughts. When you feel stressed always remember you can't clear test by taking pressure or stress. Its effects on your study and health. Continuously recharge yourself with positive thinking and own inspiration.

Quality Preparation: You listen from your friends, teachers and family members that some students cracked exam with high score by doing 8-10 hours daily study. But you should do study according to your habits, focus and ease. Some students can cover syllabus less time and some required more time. So simply sitting and studying will not make your preparation strong until it is productive or concentrated. As per your habitat, Does or does not study for longer time, but study efficiently and result orientated.

Discuss with Someone: When you start preparing some day you feel confidents some days you feel low and stressed. So to handle this stressed situation discuss your problem with friends, teacher and family. So you can get suggestions from them how to overcome this stressful phase. Those suggestions help you to back on track with confidence and motivation.

Avoid Procrastination:  Always try to follow your study schedule strictly and avoid procrastination. Do assigned topics, homework on time without any delay. If you follow this, you will not have worried about remaining topics or study and automatically its helps you to reduce stress.

Do Exercise and Yoga: For doing preparation of competitive exam students need lot of concertation and focus. Sometime they need to do long hours study. So it’s very important to keep yourself fresh, energized and concentrated by doing daily exercises and Yoga in your free time.

Eat Healthy Food and Take Sufficient Sleep: During exam preparation and exam days’ focus on your eating and sleeping habits. Avoid Fast Foods and Late Night Studies. Take minimum eight hours sleep to keep yourself fresh. Try to take meal on tour daily time to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy.

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