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How to Prepare for NEET 2020 during Lockdown

All the NEET aspirants get the valuable time to use their energy in a positive way and start an effective preparation for NEET 2020 exam during this Lockdown Period. To achieve a high score in an exam only one thing is necessary "Speed with Accuracy" while solving the question paper. You can improve your question solving speed with accuracy by practicing and revision.

Focus on practicing and revision is the best utilization of this period. Check out the following points to get an idea about how to prepare for NEET 2020 during this Lockdown.

Focus on Revision & Practice: Almost all the students have completed their syllabus and are working on the revision. This lockdown period is the best time for students to relax and complete the revision of the NEET 2020 Exam. Practice on making your weak topics strong that helps to increase exam scores. 

Make short Notes during Revision: While revising the NEET syllabus try to make short notes. In this way, you can quickly memorize important concepts, formulas, diagrams etc. These notes will also be helpful for the exam last preparation before some time of the final exam.

Practice Mock Test: Revision is important but practicing the mock tests is necessary to solve paper with high speed and accuracy. Try to solve NEET mock tests as much as possible and also solve the previous year's NEET question paper. It helps you to get an idea about NEET exam pattern, structure of the exam and also improve your confidence and speed. 

Eat Well stay healthy: You must have to take care of your health during this lockdown to utilize this time of entrance preparation. Always focus on making you and your surroundings clean, fresh and positive. Try to maintain a proper and healthy diet. Do exercise, yoga and meditation at home to keep yourself physically and mentally strong.

Stay Connected using Social Network: Social Network is helpful for both teachers and students to stay connected and share all the relevant updates related to exam and clear doubts occur during preparation.

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