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How to Select the Best Coaching Institute in Pune for IIT JEE?

Even those who dream of becoming an engineer, we all know that becoming an engineer has to go through tough entrance exams. Although for admission to the best colleges of engineering, you have the option of many entrance exams. JEE is the most important among them all. Every year, lakhs of students give exams for JEE, but only a few percent of these students get selected.  Choosing the best IIT JEE coaching institute in Pune is a major decision for students and their parents. In the past there were only physical coaching agencies, but now digital platforms are available.

How to Choose a Coaching Institute?

There are thousands of coaching institutes (small and big) for IIT-JEE in all major cities in India. Kota alone has around 200+ coaching institutes.

Whenever these coaching institutes display their successful results every year, one thing they never disclose is the number of total students who took the coaching from them. We all know this, the higher the number of students taking coaching, the more are the chances of showing successful results. Students and parents are realizing, it’s the quality of the classes and the the value that a coaching institute provides to its students, is what matters most.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a valuable coaching institution for IIT-JEE and NEET.

Tips to choose coaching classes for IIT- JEE

1. Track record of the coaching institute:- 

Students should check the track record of any coaching institution they would like to participate in to prepare for entrance exams like the IIT JEE. Students may consider the points mentioned below for this.

Students’ Feedback – Take reviews from students who have studied at the Coaching Institute. Refer to testimonials and ask students directly about the institution's facilities and quality learning.

Success Rate in Competitive exams – It's helpful to know the effort and facilities you can get to achieve your goals, so we cross-validate your coaching agency's success rate in competitive exams.

Toppers Rank and Record – Also, consider your coaching institution's student percentage and ranking in competitive exams. How many students at the Coaching Institute have achieved All India Ranks on JEE or NEET exams?

2. Coaching fees –Without a doubt, quality comes with cost. However, as competition and demand increase, new coaching institutions are sometimes being established. This institution attracts inquirers with coaching packages not offered by other coaching agencies. Additionally, some coaching agencies offer scholarships to students who are smart but lack financial support. In this way they get the aspirant's attention and many students participate to get all such facilities.

3. Coaching provider understands the psychology of a student:-

Every student has a different learning ability. Some of them are fast learners and some take some time to understand. Some students are uncomfortable studying in batches and prefer one-on-one classes.

A good coaching agency can quickly recognize a student's personality and change the teaching style and methods.

4. Coaching providers analyze the individual performance of a student.

The best coaching institutions have an average of 100-120 students, so the only way to judge a student's performance is through weekly or monthly tests. And the criterion for judging performance is simply a score that avoids other factors that could hinder a student's performance.

A high value coaching provider continuously monitors the performance of every student. It finds the areas where a student is lacking and needs to focus more, and communicate the same to parents. The coaching provider then gives suggestions to make improvements and then along with parents' support they try to enhance the performance of the student.

5. A great coaching provider has high ethical standards.

Each year after the IIT-JEE results are released, there is a spleen and banner of the coaching agency showing successful results to attract new students. The coaching industry is getting bigger, the competition is getting fierce, and every institution wants to get an edge over others. Some of them engage in fraudulent activity.

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