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How to make Short Notes during IIT JEE Exams

All the Engineering students wish to get into one of the IIT, but getting into such an institution is not an easy task. A lot of hard and smart work with dedication is required to ace JEE Main and JEE Advanced and get into IIT or some other top educational institution in the country. 

Many students wonder when is the right time to start preparing for IIT JEE? How to make Short Notes during IIT JEE Exam for quick summary? Short Notes helps students to easily review all the points before sometime of exam. Here are some tips to prepare Short notes during IIT JEE Study:

These are the things that every student should know. It is useful to be systematic whenever you are making Short Notes.

1. Use different colors Pen:

 A human eye is more Receptive to color. This is why it makes it easier to remember your notes if you highlight the important points with a different color.

2. Different notebooks for different Subjects:

It is important for your notes to be well organized. Keep the notes of each subject in a different notebook. Also, make sure you have an index page where you note the chapters that are covered in these notes. Because most probably, one book might not be enough for 2 years’ worth of notes.  So make sure your notes are well organized so that you can find what you need when you need to revise.

3. Leave 2 pages for future Learning:

You’re learning never ends in first class. In future you will definitely learn about topic through online sources or discussing with friends that time you need space to write notes of that chapter at the end of that chapter only. For this you need to leave pages for writing extra notes on that chapter only.

4. Highlight exceptions and limitations of formulae:

Memorization of concepts and formulas doesn’t always help. For an exam like the JEE, the exceptions to a rule are the most important. You should know when to apply a formula, and most importantly, when you can’t. So you have to highlight formulas and Exceptions.

5. Focus on Diagrams, Charts:

At the Time of making notes also focus on diagrams, charts. Those are also helpful while quick summarization to memorize and learn topic fastly.

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