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How to start NEET preparation from class 10th

NEET is the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test conducted by NTA for the students who wish to take admission in MBBS and BDS. Generally, students start preparation from class 11th ,12th std, or some of them start preparing before two or three months of the examination.  Its good to start preparing from 11th or 12th std as NEET syllabus based on basic concept of physics, chemistry and biology from class 11th and 12th. To secure good rank in NEET, you can start preparing from class 10th, because 10th is the foundation of Class 11th and 12th. It helps to upgrade the basic concepts of class 11th and 12th.

In this article we provide reasons and tips to start preparing for NEET examination:

                         NEET exam consist of three subjects as Physics, Chemistry, and biology. You need to focus on all these to understand the concept in deep and solve as many questions as possible. In this way you can get clarity and understanding the important topics of 11th and 12th std.

Preparation tips:

  • Clear your concepts:   Clearing the basic concept is very important for any exam. As 10th is the foundation of 11th and 12th class, it is very important to clear your concepts of these topics in class 10th only. You can make short notes during study as It goes easy in future when you give NEET exam. Solve the questions given at the end of the chapter.

  • Identify your strong and weak subjects:   It is very important to know what your strong and weak points. While studying, you will get an idea about which point are tough for you and which are comparatively easy, once you know you can plan you strategies to study for that topics.

  • Solve question papers:  After you finish your chapter, try to solve question given at the end of the chapter. Try to solve higher level question, it helps in NEET it again and again with confidence. NEET is an objective type questions exam, so it is important to familiar with the structure of the exam.

  • Improve time Management:  Everyone knows that the Time is precious. Once you lose time you can’t take it back. It means time management is very important to do any work, especially when you give and exam. So, manage your time properly to study and convert your knowledge in good you have a practice to solve many questions in less time to rank in NEET.

  • Give mock tests: To improve your speed and accuracy give mock test as much as you can.

  • Regular Revision:  As all of we know that the NEET syllabus is very vast, it is not easy to study whole book before one or two months of exam. You need to revise on daily basis.

  • Make a detailed study plan: As you know NEET Contains questions from three subjects- Physics, Chemistry and Biology. And all these three subjects are the toughest subjects, so it is important for students to make proper study plan and follow it on daily basis.

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