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Last month preparation for CSIR-NET Exam

CSIR NET is highly competitive and prestigious exam and is the dream of most of the PG students from Sciences.  As Last 24 days are left for preparation, most of you must have done with the syllabus. But as it is one of the toughest exams conducted in India, some of you must be having fear in mind regarding your performance in the examination. Here we will be discussing some do's and don’ts that will help you to conquer exam.

            First and most important is time management for exam. There are 145 questions divided in three sections and time allocated to solve those is 3 hours. You need not to solve all those questions. Suggested time allocation for each section according to its distribution is as follows.

Questions with option
Distribution  of marks

Section C carries 100 marks hence maximum time should be allotted to section C. Section B questions are factual questions which can be solved within short time period. At least 10 min should be kept for verification and that is very important because most of the time under exam pressure student may commit mistake besides knowing the answer. Another important point is your ability of decision making that will take you through the exam. While attempting the questions from section C once you read 2-3 lines you should be able to decide whether you are going to attempt the question or not. If you spend time in reading half page single question and then you realize that you are not going to solve the question then probably you cannot finish off with the paper. Solve the problems from the section which is the best prepared. Don’t mark answers for a question until you are not 100% sure of it, as the exam will have negative marking. Skip those questions on which you are not confident. Choose the questions wisely as your goal is to qualify the examination and not to attempt the entire paper

Second important point is regarding revision. There are several units in the syllabus and one cannot remember each and every point. Hence revision is required. At least revise your notes thrice before the exam.

Try to solve previous year question paper by setting same time schedule as 9 to 12. Solve as many papers and question banks as you can get from any source. Avoid any changes in your day to day schedule prior to the exam. Rest everything depends on your sincere efforts and hard work.

Good Luck to CSIR NET Aspirants!!!

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