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NEET 2020 Preparation Strategy for Repeaters

When you are preparing for NEET, firstly forget that you are a repeater. Mostly important you have real experience of attempting NEET medical entrance exam once that others. You just need some more time than others to get a seat in medical colleges. So start your preparation confidently with fresh and energetic mindset. Give your all possible best efforts to achieve goal to make a career in medical field.

You have lot of plus point than other regular students who are also preparing for NEET like you know the syllabus well, have idea about what type question asked in final exam, question toughness and conceptual level So it's very helpful for you to know the your strong and weak points.

Don't worry about you missed one chance because of some reasons, just focus on improving your weakness to definitely get admission in one of the best medical college on this time.     

Here are some of the helpful tips for NEET 2020 preparation: 

Do more practice: Focus on practice, It's very important for success. How smartly you practice is matters more for better preparation. Being a repeater you get a lot of time for practice, so try to do practice as much as you can do.

Practice to solve possible number of mock test on a regular basis. revise each and every topics and start practicing from the beginning. In this way, you can improve your confidence, accuracy, time management and speed.    

Always stay Motivated: Keep your final goal in mind, but also use interim goals depending on your study strategies and methods. Build small goals on daily basis, it may be studying one chapter, or more topics depends on you. You need to work hardly to complete your day goal.  Make a positive environment in your surroundings, try to avoid negative vibes which distract and demotivate you from study. 

Everyone knows Always stating motivated is little bit difficult but, One of the best way to stay motivated during preparation is to remember why you are studying, what you are really wants in the first priority.  

Learn from the previous mistakes: Everyone have listen the sayings “You learn from your mistakes”. The students who are repeating the NEET again, have the benefits of learning from their last attempts mistake. Find out what you did wrong in the last attempt during preparation and do analysis to work on improving them Now!! It's may Your speed, time management, accuracy, problem understanding, concept clarity, lack of confidence etc. Focus on what you are not good at, work and act smartly!! Achieve perfection!!

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