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Preparation Tips for NTSE Exam

NTSE (National talent search Examination) is the National level scholarship program by Govt. of India and most venerated exam of India. The examination will be conducted for students studying at the class x level. The examination consists of tests, namely Mental Ability Test (MAT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).

 The items in the MAT and SAT are multiple choice questions. Each question has four alternatives.  The candidate has to select one correct answer from the given alternatives and mark its number in the answer-sheet as per instructions given on the answer sheet. Each correct answer carries one mark. Thus, the total score of a candidate in a test is equal to the number of questions answered correctly by students.

Following are the some best tips given by Experts of NTSE Classes in Pune to helps students for preparing exam.

1. Understand The Basics:

  Students must understand the basic concepts well and learn how to apply them to various problems instead of just mugging up the facts.  Only the practical use of knowledge will let one win the coveted scholarship.

 2. Prepare Notes:

   NTSE preparation can be very easy if candidates prepare notes to learn formulas, definitions, and equations. Logically, writing down these formulas should help one to learn them easily. Alongside, it is an easy way to carry notes wherever you want instead of carrying heavy books. At the time of revision you don't have to read the complete chapter, just go through these notes thoroughly to revise the syllabus.


   Students do not have enough time to revise all the concepts from 9th and 10th STD. Previous year NTSE exams and sample papers are available easily. Solving sample papers is the best way to practice for the NTSE exam.


     In today’s world there is a competition in every field, competition in many competitive exams. To prepare for such exams it is necessary to practice the question papers. practice is the best key towards the success.

  5. Revise Regularly:

    Revision is an important part of every preparation strategy. Without revision, students can easily forget important facts easily.  Hence, it is advised to revise the previously covered syllabus before moving to a new chapter.


    It is always advisable to follow the experts’ advice on how to attempt the exam. Candidate can take a advice from previously appear students. They can also give a better advice.

 7. Self-Analysis:

Based on the performance in various mock tests or practice exams student should maintain a list of his/her strengths and weaknesses. This helps students channelize efforts in the right direction.

  8. Group study for NTSE Preparation:

  Studying with a group of friends is always fun. Students can sit with friends and cousins of the same age and study together. Explaining things to others and listening to other’s points of view offers a rich study experience. This helps in understanding the concepts faster and easier. On other side, boring topics will become interesting in group study sessions and help students to extend their study schedule longer.

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