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Quick Tips and Tricks to Crack NEET Exam

Only two months are remaining to NEET UG Exam. You have an golden opportunity to get admission in top medical college in India. Neet Exam is one of the toughest exam. So here are some useful key points for  you who are preparing for NEET exam to focus.

Practice Mock Test: 

It’s a best time to solve mock test because, nearly more than half syllabus has been completed.  After practicing mock test you get an idea what type of question to be asked & how to solve the questions. When you solve question only focus on particular one not another. If one of the question taking too much time to figure out then leave it and move on. Mock test helps to analyze your speed and balance your time management and focus.

Shortcuts techniques to solve or not to solve: 

In exam the focus is not to cover all question, but must be give correct answer of the questions. NEET is an entrance exam. There is no need to answer questions step by step. You can use the shortcut tricks to figure out questions and save time. It is one of the plus point about this exam & there is negative marking also. So try to solve correctness more than completeness.

Eat well, Sleep Well and be cognizant of time :

lack of sleep is one of the biggest problem in exam period. Stay relax in this days to increase concentration power. Eat healthy food and take an enough sleep. Keep doing regular study avoid late night study. Follow your daily study plan and be cognizant of time.

solve previous year questions paper :

Try to solve previous year question paper first. Its helps to know which topics are repeatedly in the exam. According to time try to solve the question paper. It helps to increases your question solving speed,  your correctness and accuracy. Its helps to increase your confidence level.

You can also join the Neet crash course to improve preparation with yourself study. They helps to achieve proper time management and study plan. MC2 Academy is one of best NEET UG Coaching Institute  in Pune to do well exam preparation. You can consult with them if you have any queries related to exam.

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