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SET Exam Preparation Tips

The examination procedure in three papers and paper I is common for candidates belonging to all categories Paper II and III carried out on the basis of the master's degree, "which ended with the candidate.

Under paper I, topics such as teaching aptitude, willingness research, reading comprehension and comprehensive thinking, mathematical thinking, communication, and covers logical thinking to test the ability of candidates. Here are some tips for preparing for the exam Maharashtra SET below:        

  • It is better to practice with the previous year and sample papers. When practicing with the model question papers you can follow the tips given below:
  • Carefully study the questions and assess the choices given in the multiple choices. Select the correct choice by using your reasoning ability. If you practice the reasoning ability in the model papers, you will be able to do well in the examination.
  • When preparing for the reading comprehension part, do not assume any information, but use the information given in the paragraph alone.
  • Always begin with the topic in which you feel yourself comfortable during the process of preparation.
  • When preparing, read the topics as if you are reading a story book, this will enable you to memorize the concepts easily.
  • It is better to take short notes, while you are preparing for the examination, this will enable you to revise finally.
  • Each and every syllabus prescribed is equally important, so do not omit any chapter.
  • Try to revise the theoretical papers initially and then go for practical papers. This is because practicing the practical papers will be easier than theoretical papers.

Hope, the above-mentioned tips will be useful for you in preparing for your

Maharashtra SET examination.

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