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Time Management Tips For Entrance Exam Preparation

Solve question paper within given time is just like a running race in Marathon. Most of the students says that they know every answer but don’t get sufficient time to solve the paper. Mostly this problem comes in an entrance exam. In entrance exam Speed is the obstacle of your success. So for improving your speed try to solve more and more sample paper, test series, previous year question papers. There are also number of techniques are available to improve your question solving speed.

Here are some techniques to improve your speed in Exam for solving more questions:


"Confidence is better than Overconfidence” having a confidence is good, but Overconfidence and lack of confidence both are risky for you. In exam time you solve same question again and again due to less confidence. So you require more time for practice. So while doing study do with more concentration & confidence.

Meditation and Yoga:

increase concentration power meditation is useful. Usually, Yoga performs with empty stomach this thing always keeps in mind as a reminder. It’s useful for overcoming drawbacks like laziness, tiredness and improves concentration as well as activeness. Sunrise and Sunset time is good for meditation and Yoga, because fresh air is blowing at this time.


Exam oriented knowledge is gain by doing conceptual and deep study, But to improve question solving speed in entrance exam Shortcut tricks and methods are very useful. By using this shortcuts you can solve the problem 90% faster than normal method. Try to find out shortcuts for every question.

Sleep and Rest:

It’s not good to study whole night as well as over sleep. Now it’s time to take sleep seriously, because a sleep has lot of advantages like full night sleep helps to remind knowledge. After doing study taking a deep rest can remember the studied thing after a week later. Nap sleeping improves recalling ability. By proper sleeping you feel more relaxed and freshened so that study speed improves fastly.


Wow!!! is the First word enter in your mind if the same practiced question is come in exam and within a second you got answer .This is the secret of "Practice Makes Man Perfect" sentence. Student have common problem like after reading of one of the topic within a week they forget this topic. But practice is the best solution for this problem. Revision before one day of exam helps you to remember the answer and concept at exam time. Use material like previous year question paper, reference book etc. for doing practice. Also try to solve possible number of practice test series. Solve topic wise test series.  MC2 Academy is a top coaching institute for Entrance exams preparation which conducts ccoaching classes for Competitive exams like Gate Biotechnology, CSIR NET exam, NEET UG Exam, SET exam, AIPMT Exam, AIIMS exam, MHCET exam, IIT JAM exam, AFMC exam.

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