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Tips To Avoid Negative Marking

While you are doing the study then clear about all the topics. Because many times you cover all the topics but you don’t have complete knowledge of those topics and you think that you covered all the topics. At that time you get in trouble. There is also negative marking in CSIR NET Exam. So it is dangerous for those students who are appearing in CSIR NET Exam. So students get up and do study hard. The CSIR NET Exam is on 18th June 2017. Solve more CSIR NET previous year question papers Pune.

Tips & tactics to overcome negative marking in CSIR NET Exam:
Most of the student fears about negative marking, and there are some students who love negative marking. They think that they get an advantage over under preparation at the time of exam.  Some student thinks that negative marking is an opportunity for higher score but it dangerous. So don’t play with your future & stop looking at negative marking.

nFirstly, you carefully read the question after that take the decision to solve that question. If you are ok with the question then solve it otherwise return back to it. Anticipation is the act of guessing how things will work out next.

Division of Time:
Solve those questions that you are sure about first because you get more time for solving other difficult questions.  This proper division of time allows you to minimize negative marking.

Practice makes man perfect. It will help to increase your confidence. Students, you still have some time in your hand so don’t waste your time & do a proper study. Don’t apply any shortcuts. If you do enough practice then you are able to sure about more questions.

These are the tips and tactics for overcoming the negative marking in CSIR NET Exam. So join Coaching for CSIR NET in Pune If you follow all these tips then you can easily crack CSIR NET Exam easily.

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