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Tips & Tricks to Crack NEET Exam

Is my NEET Preparation going in the right direction? Am I on the right track? What greater I do to get my best shot in NEET examination?  These are the questions that every NEET aspirant is struggling with. The competition is hard and vast syllabus, negative marking make it extra difficult.

To help you prepare well in defined and structured way, we have come up with some very Easy and fast tips. Follow these NEET Coaching Classes Dighi, Pune tells you Preparation Tips to secure a seat in your dream medical college.

1. Don’t waste your time in thinking about NEET exam format, selection, rumors, gossips, etc. Focus your thoughts on your studies, as wasteful mind set take away your energy as well as time.

2. Keep your NEET preparation study plan brief and simple. Know your limits and stretch accordingly. There is no need to drown to stay awake till late night. Tune your body naturally to alter with the sleep-wake cycle as per your study plan.

3. Keep book as your base book, whatever additional points you learn, put stick notes on NCERT pages to keep everything at one place. You can solve possible number of objectives for practice from the most effective book for NEET. This book series literally help to practice exam pattern.

4. Whether you like to study at early morning or at late night, always begin your day by reading which chapter is difficult for you, make a short notes on that and at the end of the day revise the highlighted points from the same chapter.

5. You may make your schedule according  to study habits but important is to stick to that. Besides studying, in Physics and Chemistry solve numerical and objective problems every day which is very useful to crack.

6. Make a pocket diary to write important crucial formulas and points which you could revise anywhere.

 7. Stay healthy to stay wise & clever. Eat healthy and balanced diet.

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