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Tips to Prepare for NEET 2022 Exam Along With 12th Class Board Exam

While Balancing the NEET entrance and 12th Board exam study study get tensed. NEET is one of the most difficult and competitive exam medical entrance exam.  Its very important to do NEET and Board Exam study simultaneously with continuous hard work with smart work too.  

Here are some of the helpful tips given by experts of NEET Classes in Pune for balancing NEET and 12th Board Exam Preparation.

Make a Study Planning : Firstly make a proper study planning which includes all subjects, revision time span by balancing time for both exam preparation board and Entrance. Try to follow this time table strictly. When your are preparing the study schedule consider the school timing, your other activities timing to avoid overburdened.    

Focus on NCERT Books :  NCERT Books are first priority books that must be used for NEET and 12th Board Exam Preparation. These books are core and basic for both entrance and board exam and all experts suggestion. Try to clear all the concept clearly while preparing for exam through these books for high scoring.

Join Coaching Classes : If you Want then you can also join coaching classes better and balancing NEET and 12th board exam preparation. In 12th board and NEET Coaching Classes then have proper study schedule for board and entrance exam preparation. They helps you to cover both the studies simultaneously through lectures, solving question papers, discussions, practice mock test series etc.  

Give Priority for Concept Clarity :  Both  the exam Board and NEET Entrance are concept based. To solve question paper with more accuracy you need to have clarity in concept. If your all concept are clear then you can write enough content for subjective questions in board examination.

Revision and Notes: Revision is very important to achieve success in any examination. Try to make short notes of important points in the syllabus to easily recall all these topics in less time span before exam. During preparation highlights key points and concepts and convert them into in MCQ based questions. Use two colors pen two highlights point for NEET exam and Board Exam Separately during study,.

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