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Which Stream Should Choose in IIT Study After Clearing JEE Exam

The full form of JEE is Joint Entrance Exam. This is a Engineering entrance exam. After clearing this exam ,you get a chance to study in one of IITs to pursue your graduation. But student face difficulty in choosing the correct stream. And some students get confused and choose the stream which their friends are choosing and their one wrong decision affect their career badly. You should keep in mind that JEE is the passport to IIT and choosing the correct stream or branch is the destination to success. So today we will discuss how to choose a correct stream in IIT study after clearing JEE exam.

First of all we will discuss about various branches or stream , which are offered commonly in NITs and IITs.

a) Aerospace engineering :-Aerospace engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the design, development, testing and production of aircraft, spacecraft and related systems and equipment. Aeronautical Engineering focuses on the theory, technology, and practice of flight within the earth's atmosphere.

b) Chemical engineering :-Chemical engineering is a multi-disciplinary branch of engineering that combines natural and experimental sciences (such as chemistry and physics), along with life sciences (such as biology, microbiology and biochemistry) plus mathematics and economics to design, develop, produce, transform, transport, and operate.

c) Computer Science & Engineering :-Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) is an academic program at many universities which comprises scientific and engineering aspects of computing. CSE is also a term often used in Europe to translate the name of engineering informatics academic programs.0

d) Electrical engineering :-Electrical engineering is an engineering discipline concerned with the study, design and application of equipment, devices and systems which use electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.

e) Mechanical Engineering:-Mechanical engineering is the study, design, development, construction, and testing of mechanical and thermal sensors and devices, including tools, engines and machines. Mechanical engineers work mostly in engineering services, research and development, and manufacturing.

f) Production Engineering:-Production engineering, also known as manufacturing engineering, is the design, development, implementation, operation, maintenance, and control of all processes in the manufacture of a product. Value is added by means of processes such as forming, machining, joining, and assembly.

These are few examples but there are many branches in IITs or NITs.

Now again the question arises that what to choose??

So here are some points which if you take into consideration may help you in choosing the correct stream.

1.Think what interests you consider your aims. advice from various counselors and family members.

3.research about the future trends.

4.consider Self-aspiration.

5.And the most  important thing don't follow the herd.

Note that, try to understand your own dreams and aims, the stream which interests you. Take advice from the professionals, family members or the counsellors. Because the correct decision will take you towards  success but the one wrong decision will take you away from your aims and career.

All the best!

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