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last week preparation tips for NEET 2020 Exam

In India, admission to medical, dental and allied disciplines are taken only on the basis of NEET exam score. The competition is very high for this medical entrance exam. The few days before the exam are crucial, students need to understand the importance of this time because its impact on students exam day performance. 

All the aspirants who are preparing for NEET 2020 exams leave no book unread and complete the whole syllabus study well. But with knowledge the smart skill is well important. In this article, the experienced faculty of NEET Classes in Pune gives some last week preparation tips to help candidates sharpen their skills and perform well in exam.

Focus on Revision :

Before a few days of exam, when you realize no more than a week is remaining for the exam, you feel anxious about the syllabus you still have not covered. But, it's not time to start a new topic to study. It's time to focus on revising the completed syllabus and The notes made during the preparation.

Eat healthy sleep well :

For any exam preparation your physical and mental health is very important. So to keep yourself fit take a healthy diet and exercise daily. 

Also focus on rest and relaxation, because without proper rest you can't grasp the perfect essence of what you study. Avoid late night study and take proper sleep. 

Practice Daily :

Practice NEET previous year question papers and possible number of Mock tests in the last few days of exam. Focus on practicing a lot on a daily basis. It helps to improve your speed, time management skill, confidence and gives the actual feel of the original day exam.

Concentrate on Important Formulas:

The questions which are based on the formulas are asking for more marks than others. So focusing on concentrating and revising the formulas to solve those questions accurately in the exam to increase score in NEET 2020 exam. It is one of the most important last minute exam preparation tips.

Focus on Diagrams and Graphs :

Make short notes of Diagrams, graphs and important concepts to revise in the last moment of the exam. It helps to revise the whole points within the short time span before the exam. 

Refrain from starting new topics:

The syllabus of NEET is very vast. If your some of the topics get remaining from the study, so should not engage in learning those topics. It will increase your confusion and stress level, which can affect your remaining practice, revision and exam day performance. Instead of preparing a new topic completely, just list out some important questions from this and prepare it.

Strengthen your strong points:

During the exam preparation, you get some topics on which you have good command. so in your last few days preparation focus on making your strong point more strong. It helps you to avoid confusion and get a high score in NEET 2020 exam.

Focus speed and Accuracy:

While your preparation focuses on improving your problem solving speed and accuracy, because it's very important to cover question papers in a given time period with great accuracy. Solve more number of question papers, problems and mock tests to improve speed and accuracy.

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