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Why Test Series are Beneficial before Exam?

When you are doing study practice is very important. For getting a good score in the exam preparation & practice is essential. Fo...


How to do a Proper Planning with the Help of Execution | Mc2 Academy

Students wake up it's time to do plan & get success in your exam. Proper planning with the help of execution is a very important ...


Failure is One of the Most Important Factor of Success

Failure is a success & you have to learn from it. You cannot enjoy the success without any failure. Many students fail in the exa...


Simple Ways to Overcome Exam Failure

If you are unable to crack any exam then doesn't feel low & hopeless. You can try for next exam by taking more efforts and hard w...


Benefits of Group Study

Congratulations to all of you student who scores well in NEET UG exam. Self-study is definitely good but it is time-consuming. So...


Last Minute Preparation Tips for CSIR NET Exam

Mc2 Academy wishes All The Best For CSIR-UGC NET/JRF Exam Candidates....

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